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The adidas R-21x Rower brings all the benefits of rowing into your home for one of the best all-round fitness experiences. Rowing benefits all major muscle groups and requires your upper and lower body to work together to build strength, improve cardio endurance and tone your core. Working from a strong, chain-driven mechanism, the fan-based R-21x comes equipped with 16 levels of electronic and air resistance, which can be easily controlled using the handle's quick resistance keys.


With the internal self-generating motor, you are the one that creates energy and powers the R-21x’s impressive features. No need for a power adapter, tangled wires or restrictive plug sockets, you have the power and freedom to train anywhere in your home. With built-in transport wheels, it’s even easier to move the rower around your home as you wish.


The R-21x’s console comes with 12 pre-set fitness programmes to help keep the challenge varied and ensure you’re fully motivated to keep on rowing. The adjustable LCD screen helps you to track your progress by feeding back real-time workout data including, speed, time, distance, calories, strokes per minute and 500m split. Accurate heart rate data is also available via the supplied wireless chest strap.


If you’d prefer to watch the latest movies or boxsets while you row, a convenient tablet and smartphone holder has been built into the console to provide you with an optimum viewing angle when working out on the R-21x. The densely padded saddle and fully adjustable footplates will ensure you’re completely comfortable, so you can keep on rowing.


16 levels of electronic and air resistance allow you to tailor the intensity of your row Quick resistance keys located on the handlebars for easy adjustment while rowing 12 pre-set fitness programmes offer a variety of challenges to keep you motivated Self-generating power – no power adapter, no wires, no sockets, just you and the rower Intuitive console with clear LCD screen gives you complete control over your workout Supplied chest strap provides accurate heart rate data to the rower Console feedback: speed, time, distance, calories, heart rate, strokes per minute, time/500m Tablet and phone holder built into the console provides optimum viewing angle Densely padded seat for comfort and free range of movement Footplates with height and strap adjustments to ensure correct form for powerful strokes Built-in transport wheels make it easier to move the rower around your home Floor level adjustment ensures the rower is stable for a better rowing experience Solid, dependable build quality results in a high maximum user weight of 150 kg / 330 lb Signature adidas Ultra Series red LED lighting powers up when you create energy Setup dimensions: (L) 236 x (W) 56 x (H) 123 cm / (L) 92.9" x (W) 22" x (H) 48.4" Connect with fitness apps to experience online classes and challenges via your phone, tablet or TV

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